John “The Captain” Ryan

John (The Captain) Cunningham-Ryan.

Our Captain John Ryan!
Make it so!

Why the Captain?

As regular con-goers know, (as opposed to congo-ers, those people who dance the congo) you meet new friends at cons, bizarrely I met another John Ryan, from Wexford a couple of years ago who is now on the Wexworlds committee so confusion ensued.  But as he is a huge Dr. Who fan, he’s the Dr. and I’m the Captain.


The Captain has started a blog so keep an eye on it here


I’ve been a huge fan of Star Trek since I first saw it as a child and then really got hooked in the late 80’s when RTE broadcast the Next Generation.  I remember watching it thinking…”It’s Star Trek but not as we know it”.  At the tender age of 11 I didn’t understand the idea of a series reboot but I didn’t care.  The same year I was exposed to horror writing when my English teacher gave me a copy of Stephen King’s Needful Things and the rest is history.  I watched & read everything I could get my hands on.  I love all types of fantasy, horror, sci-fi and board gaming so being involved with Wexworlds for the last couple of years has been out of this world (couldn’t resist).  My favourite Star Trek series is Deep Space Nine.   


At the moment I love the Walking Dead & The Strain.  I’m also doing a series binge of Sliders ( and the West Wing.  As for reading, I’m covering fantasy lately so Brandon Sanderson & Brent Weeks have been touched on.  Not enough time, too many things to watch and read.

Least Fave

When a series ends abruptly, or just when it’s getting interesting is sooooo annoying so Heroes and The 300’s are on the list but I still rewatch them.  One series I only watched once and never again is Lost.