Wexworlds 2018

Wexworlds is the Ireland’s youngest and most exciting Sci-Fi and Fantasy Festival, which will take place at the National Opera House 18th & 19th August 2018. Over the course of the weekend, there will be an epic programme of events dedicated to sci-fi, fantasty, film and computer technology, as well as talks, interactive exhibits, shows and screenings.

Like previous festivals, there will be comic book workshops and interactive Lego events for kids, illustration workshops and storywriting for adults, a competitive video gaming area, a table top gaming area for board games, various panel discussions with special guests from the industry and finally a screening hall for sci-fi and fantasy films. In addition to this, there will be vendors selling comic books, merchandise and memorabilia in the foyer spaces and also one or two pop-up perfromances from local arts groups to entertain attendees.

For sci-fi and fantasy fans specifically, there will be a cosplay element to the festival. “Cosplay” is the dressing up of favourite film, gaming or pop culture characters. This will provide a terrific visual element to the festival. This will culminate in a judging ceremony on the Saturday evening where prizes will be given out to various categories. This will also be open to children who may wish to dress up also for the weekend and allow them a safe and friendly environment to express their creativity.

The full schedule of events will be published shortly.

This is Wexworlds.