Dates & Venues for Pub Quiz League

Final details confirmed for Pub Quiz League here



A Series Of Unfortunate Events Review by John “The Doctor” Ryan

If you are interested in stories with silly main characters who find themselves in inexplicable scenarios and can’t act, then don’t worry, Netflix has that in the vast array of Happy Madison films that will fit your needs. If, however, you are intrigued, a word which here means “interested”, in stories that showcase a brilliant range of good and bad acting, stellar scripting, dazzling design and melodious music, then the only proviso is you don’t mind that there’s no happy ending. At least not yet… Continue reading

My Fascination with all things Star Trek by The Captain.

As a child of the 80’s I remember watching re-runs of the Original series and being constantly fascinated with the different worlds & ideas.  For me Star Trek is the embodiment of science fiction, the big what-if scenario with a dose of science based stuff thrown in.  It was a glimpse into the future.  As Roddenberry put it…Wagon Train to the Stars.

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