National Opera House, Wexford, Co. Wexford

Lioness Aerial Fitness

Lioness Aerial Fitness

Special Guests on Sunday 19 August 

Lisa Byrne opened Lioness Aerial Fitness in April 2017 wanting to create a space for women to gain strength and self esteem. It is the only Aerial studio of its kind in the south east of Ireland.
Lioness is much more then a fitness studio its an empowerment, a place where women(and a few men) become strong and confident and then encourage and support each other.
Through pole and aerial arts we learn to appreciate what our bodies are capable of doing and loving them for that.

All Lioness instructors are fully qualified with a passion to motivate and empower women to be strong and confident. A lion pace’s in every human heart, What makes your Lion ROAR.

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