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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Wexworlds Code of Conduct

In order to provide a safe and secure event for all, & to provide a high quality event we ask everyone to note the following will

Not Be Acceptable:

  1. Behaviour which is disruptive and interferes with the use and enjoyment of the event by others.
  2. Harassment, threat of violence or use of violence towards anyone (includesuse of abusive, racist, obscene or threatening language.)
  3. Malicious damage to and/or theft.
  4. The use of illicit drugs or intoxication due to alcohol.
  5. Personal property being left unattended. Wexworlds will not be responsible for lost belongings.
  6. Children cannot be left unattended. Parents must stay in the building at all times (not necessarily in the event space)
  7. Carrying and brandishing of a prop weapon will only be permitted as part of a costume ensemble. All props should be made of plastic, foam or soft woods. The weapon should only be brandished for staged photos and on stage during the cosplay competition.

On entry to a Wexworlds event, if a prop weapon is deemed to be unsuitable we reserve the right to refuse entry with the prop weapon.  We will however offer to keep it for you whilst you attend.  Contact the Wexworlds team at Wexworlds@gmail.com with further queries.  It is advisable to contact us, prior to the event, particularly if you have any queries in regards to prop weapons, especially if they appear realistic.